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11 – 12 YEARS OLD

  • FRIDAY July 8, Beckum VS Shorewood at Glendale East at 5:30PM
  • SATURDAY July 9, Beckum vs Glendale at Glendale West at 11 AM
  • SUNDAY July 10, Beckum vs Elmbrook America at Glendale West at 11 AM



  • FRIDAY July 15, Beckum VS Shorewood at Beckum 4 at 7:45 PM
  • SATURDAY July 16, Beckum vs Menomonee Falls NAT at Beckum 4 at 12:15 PM
  • SUNDAY July 10, Beckum vs Grafton at Schoenecker 2 at 10 AM


Field locations

  • Beckum 912 W Brown St, Milwaukee         
  • Glendale – 1401 W Civic Dr, Glendale
  • Schoenecker – 6237 N Hopkins St, Milwaukee


Urban Initiative Central Region Jamboree


Congratulations to Beckum Stapleton Majors Stars.  The Stars made it to the Championship game of the Central Region Jamboree..  The Belmont LL from Joliet, IL won the game.  The Stars are the first Beckum Stapleton team to get to the Championship game.


The registration for the 2022 Spring - Summer season is now CLOSED.  Spring season starts April 30th and runs through June.



To play in Beckum Stapleton Little League the player must live or attend school in Beckum Stapleton boundaries.  To determine if your home or school is in the boundary go to .  This will take you to League finder.  Under I'd like to play enter either baseball or softball. In the address box enter the player's home or school address .

If both home and school are out of boundaries, the parent or guardian must request an out of boundaries waiver.  Begin the process by sending an email stating your reasons why you want to play in Beckum Stapleton Little League to  Beckum Stapleton League officials will forward your request.

Any questions call 414-372-5794.  Leave a message and we will get back to you.

Christian Yelich visits Beckum Stapleton Little League

Christian Yelich talks baseball with Beckum Player.

Give to Beckum Stapleton Little League

Donate by clicking here.


Girls 8 to 16 years old!


Beckum Stapleton Little League has contracted with VIP Photography for team and individual pictures.   Player and team pictures will be available at the VIP website for purchase.

On this VIP page ONE  can order photos and contact VIP customer support team.


Registration Fees

Do you need help paying youth sports registration fees?

The Every Kid Sports Pass can help. Receive up to $150, four times per year, per child.

Do you qualify?

  • Is your child enrolled in Medicaid, SNAP, or WIC?
  • Is the sport recreational (not elite or travel team)?
  • Does the sport season last at least 4 weeks?
  • Is the child ages 4-18?

Beckum Stapleton Little League is a recreational program that is scheduled for 8 weeks.

If you qualify for this aid, go to


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Tee Ball Representative

Beckum Stapleton is looking for a Motivated Individual  to help recrute and represent Tee Ball Players and Coaches.

If this is you or you know someone that fits this role, and that's ready to build, have them contact us on Facebook @ Beckum Stapleton Little League  or by calling the office at 414-372-5794. 

Andrews Cheverolet donates bags for softball and baseball teams.

The Beckum Girls softball team can keep their batting helmets, gloves and shoes all in one bag.

Beckum Highlights

  • In Memory of Coach Al
  • In Memory of coach Coleman
  • Junior Batter
  • Baron batter
  • Galilee runner
  • Zembo pitcher
  • Stars pitcher
  • Minor Stars batter
  • Tee ball batter
  • End of game handshake
  • Little League Champions Night

Beckum Stapleton Little League

 Beckum Stapleton Little League is a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Providing supervised baseball opportunities for the youth on the North side of Milwaukee, WI since 1964. Beckum Stapleton Little League has served well over 25,000 youth since its inception. It is powerful to see this commitment to the sport, from current and former players . It is an awesome testament to what has been created and what's to come.

Beckum Stapleton Little League needs your help to continue our committment, structure and development of these young people. 

Beckum Stapleton Little League

Beckum Stapleton Little League

Phone: 414-372-5794